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    About us

    Over Two Decades of Experience in Buzzer and Speaker Component Industry
    Changzhou Huarom Electronics Co. Ltd (or named Changzhou Dragonstate Electronics Co. Ltd) was established in 1998. In many years, we are engaged in producing and developing a full range of speakers' components, including loudspeakers, micro-speakers, waterproof microphones, buzzers and SMD buzzers. For now, we have lots of customers that are in many fields, including cellphone, earphone, point of sales (POS) and shared-bike. Huawei, Asus, OFO, Mobike, Ingenico and Verifone source from us.

    Strong Production and Reliable Quality Control
    Today, our company has 300 to 400 laborers in the production lines. Moreover, we have many automatic and semi-automatic equipment to guarantee that the production can meet lead-time and quality requirements. Over 70 million units produced monthly from our factory. We also pass the authentication of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. That shows that we have recognition in maintaining quality, safety and environmental management. Our QC and R&D department have ability to minimize defect good and response the problem about the products.

    Customization is Available
    To offer flexible service, our company can give you products customization service. At first, our sales team will give us the specifications you wish. If that can be done, our experienced R&D team will meet customer's request as per customized sample. Of course, you can choose our existing products in our GS catalog too.

    Competitive Prices
    Meanwhile, we can offer the competitive products prices for you through flexible inventory management and manufacture procedure optimization. As a result, the cost is down but keeps quality a good standard as usual.

    Reassuring After-sale Service
    There are no perfect goods forever in the world, but we can promise the perfect after-sale service. If there is any problem in our products, our sales team will respond and provide a solution as quickly as possible. We ensure that our company's team can be your support.

    Contact us today, we are happy to work with you.


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