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    Through innovation and research and development, the annual output value of Shenzhen's electronic information industry is over trillion

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    Information Technology Expo (CITE) opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "Accelerating the Development of New Generation Information Technology and Promoting the Change of Development Mode". It mainly focuses on the new development trend of new generation information technology and industry. It includes new display, high-end integrated circuits and various components in the emerging areas of computer, communication, consumer electronics and digital home, Internet of Things, cloud computing, Mobile Internet, Next Generation Network, etc. Such as basic electronic field, information system and application field.
    It is understood that Shenzhen's electronic information industry has broken through the trillion yuan mark in annual output value by means of innovation-driven and independent research and development, and has become an important research and development, production and export base of communication equipment, flat panel display, computer and external equipment, electronic components, household audio-visual and software in the whole country and even in the world.
    At present, the industry structure, enterprise structure and product structure of Shenzhen's electronic information industry are increasingly optimized, and the proportion of high-end products such as electronic components, communication equipment and software products is constantly increasing.
    Rapid Development of Shenzhen Electronic Information Industry
    Shenzhen's electronic information industry and exhibition industry are shining together and developing rapidly. At present, Shenzhen has formulated "Shenzhen New Generation Information Technology Industry Revitalization Development Plan (2011-2015)" and "Shenzhen New Generation Information Technology Industry Revitalization Development Policy". By 2015, the scale of Shenzhen's new generation information technology industry will reach more than 120 billion yuan, the average annual growth rate will remain above 20%, and the proportion of added value in the city's GDP will be more than 20%. Shenzhen will become an important new generation of information technology industry base and regional innovation center in the world.
    It is reported that in 2012, the scale of consumer electronics market surpassed that of the United States and became the global consumer electronics market. Data also show that sales of household appliances in China exceeded the trillion yuan mark as early as 2010.
    Lenovo will exhibit a 360-degree "tablet notebook" Yoga 13. In addition to being able to switch freely between the "notebook" mode and the "tablet" mode, Lenovo will also provide users with additional "stand mode" and "tent mode" to give users the experience they want. It is a time for the industry to apply advanced technologies such as "OGS" and "Seamless Screen Matching" to screens larger than 13 inches, so that the touch screen has higher brightness, better color and thinner fuselage thickness. The same technology used to be used only on small mobile phones.
    Kupai's new mobile interconnected LTE intelligent terminal, Kupai 8920, is close to the cloud era, and can enjoy the data storage, synchronization, collaboration and sharing services provided by "Kuyun" of Yulong Communications. Data storage/synchronization, file storage, personal information security, collaboration, equipment security and other functions are realized. A large number of storage, complex computing, information security can be backed up through the cloud and provide users with greater satisfaction, and reduce the storage, computing and energy consumption requirements of terminal devices.
    Seagate first exhibited Constellation CS, which provides low-cost, high-capacity storage designed to meet the storage needs of large amounts of unstructured data in the cloud. Suitable for all-weather cloud data center replication environment, increase storage volume, make capacity up to 3TB, per square foot capacity up to 114 TB. It can be applied to: cloud storage server, cloud storage array, cloud backup storage, direct connected external storage device (DAS), network additional storage device (NAS), etc.
    In addition, in this electronic information exposition, many chip companies have brought chip technology products. Among them, Ruixin Microelectronics brings its RK3188, which is based on the four-core A8 architecture and adopts the international 28-nm technology. It has strong image processing capability with the four-core ARM Mali-400 GPU. A domestic chip solution using advanced 28 nanometer process.
    Exhibition SC8810 low-cost smart phone platform will be widely concerned, is a high integration, low power consumption TD-SCDMA mainstream smart phone platform. The AU7860 chip, a solution for on-board audio system manufactured by Shanjing Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. using the technology of Zhongxin International Digital-Analog Mixed Technology, will be on display for the first time, with its compact design, performance and integrated with the interior environment of the vehicle.
    In addition, MT6589, a four-core smart phone system single chip produced by the global commercial volume, is a global smart phone platform supporting HSPA + dual-card, dual-standby, dual-card and dual-tone. XFS5152CE, a new single chip product integrated with Chinese-English speech synthesis, light-weight speech recognition and speech coding and decoding functions, can realize Chinese synthesis, English synthesis, Chinese-English mixing and multi-tone pronunciation. XFS5152CE also integrates voice coding and decoding functions to achieve user recording and playback functions. Sex integrates a lightweight speech recognition function in the chip, supports the recognition of several command words, and supports users to change command words themselves through tools.



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